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there are probably people who havent seen this vine and i genuinely feel bad for them

LESSONS I LEARNED FROM VIDEO GAMES (feel free to add your own!)
Mass Effect: There will always be people telling you the fight is impossible. Fight anyway.
Assassin's Creed: Heroes can come from anywhere.
Fez: Sometimes solving a puzzle only takes looking at it from a different angle.
inFAMOUS: Give people second chances. They might surprise you.
Journey: The road may be long, but you don't have to walk it alone.
Civilization: Not all victories are the same.
Borderlands: Sometimes, you just need to laugh at yourself.
Minecraft: There is no limit to your imagination.
Skyrim: Practice makes perfect.
Pokemon: Friendship can overcome amazing odds.
Katamari Damacy: Even the smallest person can do something great.
Bioshock: Appearances can be deceiving. Even something that appears perfect can have deep flaws.
Dragon Age: Some things can't be changed. What matters is how you adapt to them.
Fallout: Even after the worst disasters, things can be rebuilt.
The Sims: No one man should have all that power.
The Last Of Us: Sometimes redemption comes from the most unexpected places.
Tetris: Do the best you can with what you have.
Portal: If you can't find a way, make your own.
flOw: Adaptation is the key to survival.
The Walking Dead Game: Your choices are important

Alistair in armor that doesn’t make sense lore wise but god damn does he look good in it appreciation.

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remake of a comic from a year ago about a little ghost that comes out of a kid’s body to explore! i really just wanted to make something simple and nice ╲ʕ·ᴥ· ╲ʔ


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